Lay the foundation for amazing works.


Expectation from Us.

Work Independently

Candidates are expected to work independently on their own with high self-discipline, efficiency, and responsibility to contribute to the overall progress of the whole undergoing project.

Cooperate at Best

It's not about argument, recession or negotiation, it's about finding a common voice for the whole team on executive plans, strategies, and methodologies. We are not a group of individuals, we're a community.

Stay Creative & Original

To create something new, our designers and developers must put in efforts to make sure they are offering the original, brand-new but still on-the-ground experience to our clients. Even repeating themselves isn't acceptable.

Be Your Own Self

Everyone makes mistake sometimes. What concerns us is an individual's lack of self-understanding, not the shortcomings themselves. We are are all limited editions for our self-worth in the community.

Benefits included

Grab your chances, get on board and ready to sail to the success with the best teammates ever

Professional Promotion
quarterly assessment
Competitive Salary
Up to $800 - $1000 a month
Flexible Work Hours
7.5 hrs per day, 20-22 days per month
Team Building & Vacations
Twice a year, fully covered holidays & travels

01 Graphic Designer

Full Time
at least 1 year's experience
We are looking for competent graphic designers who have great aesthetic tastes and creative eyes for web & app design. Also welcome candidates who have experience in video editing.

02 IT Developer

Full Time
at least two years' experience
Insights Team are in search of professional, proficient IT developers who can work both in the front end and in back end with enormous knowledge in multiple programming languages.

03 Online Marketer

Full Time
at least one year's experience
We're in search of online marketer who are experienced in sale, marketing & advertisement, fan-page admin, especially multilingual is an advantage.

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