Vietnam Web Summit – Mobile Day 2018

Vietnam Web Summit 2018

Vietnam Web Summit – Mobile Day 2018

Have the guts to accept challenges and make changes from your inner self to complete your goals. We share experience and gain knowledge.

A countrywide event held in Hanoi in April 2018 for WordPress enthusiasts who work as designers, developers, agencies, online marketing executives, bloggers, writers, authors, etc.

Thoughts on Gutenberg’s Release

Participants have exchanged insights into the newly released editor Gutenberg, the pros and cons, the opportunities and solutions to make needed changes.

Insights CEO & our senior developer

A developer from Insights Team shared how to apply Gutenberg to web design & development practices and introduced both advantages and disadvantages of this editor’s release. 

Opportunities and Challenges

The introduction of Gutenberg surely brings about major changes and confusion to both developers and WordPress users. We, as theme and plugin authors, will have to take on most of the pressure and hard work to adapt our products to the new editor. This is in fact the beginning of enormous opportunities for us to create a better harmonious working interface.