2019 YEP: Back to the Subsidy Period


2019 YEP: Back to the Subsidy Period

The main theme of Insights’ 2019 Year-end party was about the Subsidy Period. Everything from the interior decoration, peach blossoms, inspirational banners to the costumes of Insights’ staffs brought back the opal memories of a so-called Subsidy Period (Bao Cap).

A hard old time, but memorable & meaningful to every one of us today

2019 was a challenge to all of us here at Insights with many highs and lows. We, the IS warriors, have fought a good fight, to overcome ourselves, tackle the obstacles and make the big picture of 2019 complete with a great ending.

Thanks for the great party. With all of us here celebrating another meaningful year with love and appreciation of what we’re doing.

Frankie Kao – CEO of Insights co.

Our team at Insights will be up for a better us in the year to come. We will support each other at our best to grab every chance and max out our potentials to succeed in our plans and objectives. In 2020, we will put 2x effort and determination to achieve a double success.

Insights YEP 2019 – Back to the Subsidy Period